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Kinara Spa E-Commerce Website

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Lord Creative recently launched a Pinnacle Cart e-commerce site for Kinara, a high-end spa and skin care clinic located in West Hollywood that caters to a celebrity clientele.

Lord Creative was brought in to analyze and recommend CMS technology solutions, clean-up inherited programming issues, create a branded email gift certificate along with an auto generated companion PDF, and to re-design the existing site’s overall theme to be fresh, clean and modern to reinforce the Kinara brand. Job also included art direction of an on location facility shoot along with underwater product photography shots.

The end result is an overall better user experience for both the client (to do in-house updates and maintenance) and the end user (who now has a successful shopping experience!).

Disney Digital Studios – Animated Holiday Card

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Here’s a little holiday animation we recently completed for a new division of Disney called Disney Digital Studio Services. Job included storyboard concepts, copywriting, HD animation, setup and branding of social media accounts and an email blast. The goal was to produce a holiday greeting that reinforced the new divisions name in an integrated way. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

In the history of marketing-speak, few are the hybrid word concoctions that rival “gamification” for sheer silliness and grasping at that ever elusive “hip” factor. Forget touchpoints or widgets or crossplatform compatibility, gamification represents the nadir of techno babbleosity.

That said, using game mechanics to boost the stickiness (Oh dear, another one!) of your site is an intriguing enough idea that we decided to dedicate a post to it, to suck the marrow from this jawbone and determine once and for all whether it’s beef or ham. And the answer is… it depends.

The underlying concept of gamification is nothing new to anyone who remembers S&H Green stamps or possesses a club card. The use of incentives to drive business is perfectly quaint. The wrinkle gamification adds comes from how these incentives are acquired. Essentially, a game is deployed on your site (Think Farmville in terms of sophistication.) to increase customer involvement with your product. The tricky part, as usual, comes down to design. It’s not enough to create a game that simply rewards players with points they can redeem for prizes and free stuff. Needless discounts pose the danger of devaluing your product. Besides, anyone can offer incentives and, as these gamified sites become a dime a dozen, you’ll need something to distinguish your site from the others. That distinction will come from the design of your game. And the design should begin with the right intent.

For our part, we believe any gamified feature added to your site should not necessarily reward players with financial incentives, but allow them to interact with your product in such a way as to personalize their experience with your brand, to make them a partner in your business.

Think how social media functions; the satisfaction derived from recommending a new restaurant to friends or raving up a book you just finished, and you’ll get where we’re coming from. You want to build games that open up a conversation between you and customers so they feel invested in your brand.

How might this work? Let’s take the example of a small business. In this case, a local restaurant wants to drive business to its new prix fixe menu. To promote this prix fixe menu a game is developed that lets customers play sommelier, creating a flight of wines from the restaurant’s wine list to go with each course on the menu. The game tabulates the most popular choices for each flight and produces a list of the full flight based on popularity. Winners are chosen based on the number of their selections that matched the chosen flight. As a “reward”, those with the highest scores are invited to a private party at the restaurant where the meal and accompanying flight are unveiled.

The up side? Customers become more familiar with the restaurant’s food and wine offerings in a fun way by getting to challenge their wine knowledge. The party becomes a tool to promote the business via social media. And, because it is a one-off event, it enhances instead of devalues the brand. Building customer loyalty in this informal yet personal manner is a cornerstone of successful gamification.

Of course, if you’re a bigger business, the opportunities for gamification are even greater. All it takes is imagination and a focus on crafting an experience that builds value (as opposed to giving value away) for your customer and strengthens your brand/customer relationship.

SEO Pays Bigtime for Huffington Post

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

The Huffington Post sold to AOL for $315 million. You can debate amongst yourselves whether this is a MySpace style Hail Mary pass by a desperate company trying to salvage salvation from the from the dustbin of tech giants past, or a canny move to anoint a new form of journalism, but the one thing that can’t be argued is how the success of HuffPo can be directly pegged to the use of aggressive SEO.

We’ve talked in previous posts about video SEO and why businesses should embrace the concept of on-line video to build their brand and grow their consumer base, but let us never forget old school SEO.

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Video On The Mobile Web

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

The mobile web presents fantastic opportunities to interact and forge strong bonds with customers of all types, and any video marketing strategy needs to consider how to reach the mobile web if it wants to achieve maximum success.

Think how a series of short videos detailing the pluses and minuses of various TV sets could aid a buyer standing in a Best Buy. No longer would you be dependent on extensive, pre-shopping research, which, at it’s best, is an abstraction when compared with staring at the actual unit and experiencing its performance.  You also wouldn’t find yourself at the mercy of the in-store salesman and his spiel. You would be liberated by an objective voice to make an informed choice based on your needs and pocketbook. Videos like this could be a great way for a cable company or other pipeline provider to build rapport with prospective customers. Maybe even Best Buy should try it.

On the other hand, if you’re Sony, mobile video would be an ideal way to get a last pitch in before the consumer puts down their credit card. Perhaps you could offer incentives (think discounts) that would sway their buying decision, or add value to their purchase by linking it to a bundled value on several products.

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Video Increasingly Key Driver of Site Traffic…

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

You’ve no doubt heard that YouTube is now the number two search engine after Google. This is an incredible ascendancy and marks a turning point that anyone using the web to reach customers will have to take note of.

It means, in terms of SEO, video is fast becoming the best method to drive traffic to your website. Embracing video and learning how to get the most from it will pay big dividends down the road. Thankfully, video doesn’t need to be hard. Or expensive.

Here are a few thoughts about how to approach video to drive traffic to your site.

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The Crabby Cook – Web Video Series

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Jessica Harper, aka The Crabby Cook, has been busy creating a series of web videos to promote her blog and new book, The Crabby Cook Cookbook.  These 2 minute rants and raves, all personally written by Jessica, are filled with light-hearted humor.  As a fan recently commented, “I’d totally watch a Jessica Harper/Crabby Cook cooking show. In a terminally over-crowded genre I think she’d offer something different and very entertaining.”

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Lord Creative behind branding of Jessica Harper’s “The Crabby Cook”

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Lord Creative has developed a new brand for Actress, Author, Composer, Mother, Dog Walker and Blogger, Jessica Harper.  She is now The Crabby Cook and she is filled with recipes, rants and raves at her delightful new blog “The Crabby Cook”.  Here you will find easy recipes to please all the picky eaters you know.  Check out Jessica, aka The Crabby Cook, at  And, as always, you can find out about Jessica’s career credits at her official site, also developed by Lord Creative,

Guns N’ Roses’ Chris Pitman Launches Official Website

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

As leader of the band SexTapes and multi-instrumentalist for Guns N’ Roses, Chris Pitman has always sought to push the boundaries in his music and fine art. To this end, Lord Creative designed and developed a website that goes beyond the typical, creating an atmospheric site which blends Chris’ music, paintings, photography and thought in such a way as to bridge the electronic divide between artist and recipient.

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