SIM2 Multimedia – Home Theater: UI website design system for SIM2’s Home Theater advanced Drupal CMS website which features multi-language capabilities, a global dealer locator with integrated google maps for zip code radius results, dealer-managed mini-site pages, email list management by territory, custom throw ratio calculators for each projector, awards, news, events, and career opportunities. Custom admin tools allow SIM2 to easily manage global content and moderation of contributed content.  This design template was then easily color converted and implemented into SIM2′ Professional Systems and Extranet sites.

SIM2 Multimedia – Professional Solutions: Implementation of the Home Theater design for SIM2’s Professional Solutions Drupal CMS website. This site includes all the features of Home Theater but with an added Market view to access professional products by industry. By modifying the color theme of the Home Theater site, the development team was able to easily deploy the Professional site in a fraction of the time.

SIM2 Multimedia – Extranet: Cohesive UI design of SIM2’s Extranet site which ties into the brand and template system design of the clients Home Theater and Professional Systems sites. SIM2’s global extranet features tiered levels of access control to give users content specific results and functionality. Content also available on the live Home Theater and Professional Solutions sites are managed via the extranet to streamline the document management process. The extranet also includes user polls, a company news blog and an anonymous comments form.

YG Laboratories: UI concepts for an advanced Drupal CMS (content management system) site for YG Labs. Proposed site features include customer access control (login required for all product related content), event registration, integrated news blogs, training on demand, education certification programs and their own private community for estheticians to share knowledge and have access to the industry’s leading experts in skin care.

Revnew: Revnew is an innovative company that produces customizable, high-end, broadcast commercials for local news stations. They turned to Lord Creative for their end-to-end CMS web solution. The result is a clean, dynamic and custom themed WordPress website, which allows the client to easily add news items, update imagery and descriptive text throughout. This enables any Revnew employee to keep the site up to date with their latest product offerings. This iPad friendly site features an automatic RSS feed of news items onto the home page along with links to their social media channels, which were set-up and branded by Lord Creative as well.

Joe Cabrera – Production Designer: This iPad and mobile device friendly CMS HTML 5 Video portfolio site enables Hollywood production designer Joe Cabrera to instantly demonstrate his video portfolio to producers whenever and wherever he meets them.  The site includes Joe’s online resume, which can be downloaded as well.  Lord Creative designed and developed this site using Slideshow Pro Director as the CMS solution for video hosting. The client can easily log into his site, upload videos, add descriptive text or rearrange the order if he chooses.  Lord Creative was responsible for the editing and encoding of all video elements.

Jessica Harper – The Crabby Cook: Award-winning actress, author and blogger, Jessica Harper, aka “The Crabby Cook”, turned to Lord Creative for a custom-themed blog solution to feature the humorous rants, raves and effortless recipes of her alter ego. This user friendly WordPress site allows Jessica to easily post blogs, embed videos and correspond with her fans. The site incorporates a CMS appearances page and a newsletter subscription form, which is tied into an email blast database. It also features a Scribd book preview, Google’s Goo tracking links, Facebook Like and Share social media widgets and much more!

The Crabby Cook – Social Media: Lord Creative expanded the reach of the Crabby Cook brand by enhancing SEO through custom themed YouTube and Twitter Accounts in addition to a Facebook Fan Page.  Videos have been posted on numerous additional video sites for selective syndication to enhance SEO.

Heba Thorisdottir, Makeup Artist: This simple, elegant and uncluttered website showcasing makeup artist, Heba Thorisdottir’s celebrity filled animated portfolio was designed to be iPhone/iPad/mobile device compatible for easy access while on set. This image-rich website was designed for ease-of-use  while supporting industry best practices for SEO.

2012 That’s Funny: The end is near, so let’s have some fun. The 2012 That’s Funny website is full of insightful views and reports on the ‘end of the world’ prophecies that celebrate absurd humor, sarcasm, and dry humor. This site features an interactive flash bulletin board, random radio programs, viral video series, a custom themed blog, email newsletter, Facebook fan page, Twitter page, YouTube channel and a daily calendar countdown to 12/21/2012!

2012 That’s Funny – Social Media: Extending the 2012 brand Lord Creative set up custom themed social media accounts to empower the client to outreach via an integrated WordPress blog,  email newsletters, Facebook fan page, Twitter account and YouTube channel.

Alfred Publishing: Visually met Alfred Publishing’s challenge to create an easy-to-use search result oriented website containing hundreds of thousands of products. By dividing the content into four major categories, users had an easy ‘doorway’ approach to quickly find their desired content. The complexity and volume of data was streamlined into a user friendly, color coded interface solution using layer menus and ‘accordion’ style menus.

Campus Kitchen: Development of a new brand for Campus Kitchen (formerly Beth’s Kitchen) including logo development, style guide, website design, electronic business forms and functional specifications for it’s online food ordering system. With a simple interface design filled with cheerful photographs of kids eating healthy food and bright colors, even the younger kids can easily navigate this site!

M29 Technology & Design: Corporate ID and interface design for M29’s company drupal site. M29 is a web-based software solutions company located in Northern California.  While technology is at their fingertips, they reached out for a design solution. In this competive market, the client wanted to reinforce the value of their services by having a rich and robust website UI design.

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