Microsoft / Bungie – XBox Halo 3 Legendary Edition DVD: Halo fans are adamant about the games, the community and the design. This Legendary disc had to persevere and Lord Creative was brought in to manage and produce this pre-sold out DVD. Halo 3 offers its fans a great, epic story and the Legendary Edition disc contains remastered, high-res versions of the Halo and Halo 2 cinematics; an expanded 112 page interactive digital “Bestiarum” to the game’s species, civilizations and cultures of Halo 3; The Cortana Chronicles; and exclusive machinima episodes. The team then localized the Legendary disc for 10 territories in 6 languages.

Microsoft / Bungie –  XBox Halo 2 Special Edition DVD:  This special limited edition DVD was bundled with the release of Microsoft’s largest selling XBox Game Halo 2. This DVD contains extensive motion menus, seamless transitions, hidden easter egg audio and menu content, slide shows and static menus. After finalizing the English disk content, we then internationalized the disk for it’s worldwide release.

Red Bull – Electronic Press Kits: Development a template-based electronic press kit application for Red Bull USA. These interactive press kits manufactured on CD-ROM include athlete profiles, photo galleries, video footage and downloadable photos which are distributed at Red Bull events.

Warner Brothers – Short 10 DVD: Chaos is title of this 10th issue is a series from Warner Brothers featuring a collection of short films and interactive content designed exclusively for DVD.  Menu design includes motion on the main menu with transitions to the submenu pages and filmography slide shows.

Technicolor – Fanfare Dailies: Technicolor, one of the world’s largest digital post-production facility, worked with Lord Creative to develop an online flash workflow chart for their new product, Fanfare Dailies. Along with overseeing the design and flash development of this project, Lord Creative created an interactive PDF version of this chart for download and email purposes.

Epitaph Records – Punk-o-Rama DVD: Brought on board to create the look for the first DVD of Epitaph’s ongoing series of Punk-O-Rama music DVD’s.  From original menu design, with awesome illustrations by The Pizz, and animation to subtitles in five languages and 5.1 audio design, Lord Creative art directed and designed this fun-filled, worldwide release, music video DVD.

KODAK – Vision 2 DVD’s: Kodak contracted Lord Creative to create a handful of individual web enabled dvds featuring motion menus, animated charts and custom audio design for both NTSC and PAL formats. Easy navigation allows Kodak’s sales force to quickly jump from one section to another during interactive sales presentations and for filmmakers to have a useful industry tool. Web enablement was integrated using InterActual’s Lite technology to include PDF spec sheets on the featured products and a weblink.

Kodak – Look Manager System UI Design: Brought in to design the Kodak’s KLMS software interface, this more robust user interface allows you to import images more easily and organize them more intuitively – by scene and by shot. Directors of Photography can pre-visualize a scene by modeling the effects of gels, filters, and post production techniques on Kodak Film stocks. DPs can then put that look on the displays of other team members with the touch of a button. The integrity of the DP’s visual style can be maintained more easily throughout production.

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