Film Entity – Death Valley Title Treatment: These titles were designed for independent feature “Death Valley”.   The concept was to reflect the feeling of driving down a lonely desert road towards impending doom.  To achieve this, we added texture, transparency and angled the titles on a perspective to create a sense of passing emptiness.

Century City Chamber of Commerce – Women of Achievement Awards Videos: The Century City Chamber of Commerce wanted to add a sophisticated sheen to their Women of Achievement Awards show.  Lord Creative was brought in to produce, shoot, edit and finish five 3 minute videos to honor the recipients of their distinguished award. Project included script writing and editing, voice over sessions, image acquisition, color timing, DVD dailies and coordination with the Beverly Hills awards show venue. Each package provided an overview of the recipients achievements and, more importantly, captured their personal side. The Chamber considered these videos the best in their long history.

Fabulocity Films – Tweeked: The title treatment for this independent film about methamphetamine addiction was designed to invoke the disorienting sensation of someone high on speed. From fast to slow motion, these dreamy, floating titles flurry into little specks that twirl away and fade into the distance.

Michael Alexander – Promo Video: This promotional video for fashion designer Michael Alexander used the context of a midnight “hookup” at a bar to explore the nature of the kind of woman who wears Michael Alexander clothing. Blurry pans and stuttering effects married to a cool blue palette invoke a feeling of detachment while the model searches for Mr. Right wearing the designers signature fashions.

Joe Boxer – Project Angel Food Awards Show Video: Joe Boxer is an L.A. based designer of flashy boxer shorts. This video played in support of his runway fashion show. Here the emphasis was on the bold brand identity and the hip, playful nature of Joe Boxer’s clothing. Lord Creative chose a graphical style with strong visual punctuation through editing and motion graphics to make the brand i.d. pop. Joe Boxer was so impressed with the final product that he contacted Lord Creative to edit new versions for the Sundance Channel and his in-store promotions.

BCBG – Project Angel Food Opening Night Gala Video: BCBG is a fashion line by designer Max Azria. For this video, Lord Creative animated stills of models wearing BCBG’s newest line and composited the animations with moving text and logo forms to create a simple and elegant sense of motion. Max Azria was so impressed with the finished product it literally moved him to tears.  8)

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